Asbestos Management Report

Mount Zion Christian Schools, Inc.
132 Titus Avenue
Manchester, NH 03103

LEA - Dan Rondeau Certification here

Bob Carter - Headmaster and knowledgable associate

General Information

Mount Zion Christian Schools, Inc. took ownership of the property and buildings at 132 Titus Avenue, Manchester NH, from Moore Center Services on June 13th 2007. As part of this transaction, Mount Zion contracted with Corporate Environmental, Inc. to do an "Environmental Site Assessment". The report is available below as the Moore Center 2005 Report. Renovations that took place by MZCS since August 2007 have been completed based on this report.
note:Renovations shawed that the rug in the basement of the old building was over concrete not tile as suspected.   The concrete has been covered with Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT).  The 9" by 9" brown floor tile on the second floor has been covered with VCT.

All maintenance, renovations or other possible disturbance of ACM's must be reviewed by Dan Rondeau or Bob Carter who will confirm that appropriate AHERA guidlines are met and that the changes are logged in the MZ AHERA Record

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Elementary Wing Addition and basement old building
1st Floor Old Building
2nd Floor Old Building

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Reports and Reporting
2010 AHERA Reinspection Report
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Federal Reporting Requirements
Moore Center 2005 Report